I absolutely love creating moving images and that is exactly why I – as a creative professional – like to support companies with their video marketing.

Video marketing moves people, it inspires, informs and connects people to your story.

Fast & dynamic

Moving images and photography grab the attention of your viewers. With beautiful drone recordings and short videos, you are able to show how something works, how a project came about or what the environment looks like, in an efficient and effective way.

In these (pandemic) times, where trade shows or other presentations have become less obvious, video can be particularly convincing in the contributions you share on LinkedIn, and other platforms.


I'm the definition of a perfectionist, yet I don't like to polish reality endlessly. I try to make the most of the moment and to switch quickly as well. Therefore, I film what matters in the moment, without endlessly fiddling with lamps etc.  

Music, sound and edit

Personally, I find the editing of a film a wonderful process in which I can do the cleaning up and eliminating of footage. Only the essence of it matters and remains. Time and again I am amazed at how much information you can bring across in 40 seconds.

Of course, it takes time and attention to get this right. The music becomes a very important factor in my productions. It gives the right dynamics to a montage, the right tempo to perfectly match the viewer’s needs: your target group. I am very particular about getting this spot on.