3d wayfinding metro station
Mahler4 Amsterdamse Zuidas wayfinding project
wayfinding Amsterdam station Muiderpoort
3D wayfinding Amsterdam kaart parkeergarage Elandsgracht
wayfinding project Amsterdam Parkeergarage Elandsgracht
Tamoil 3D kaart Edam busstation met N247

Attention to detail

Making an excellent 3D-map requires more than just “lifting the map.” It’s all about attention. Try to empathize with the visitor of the area. And then remember that the person does not benefit from much information at all, but is only interested in information that matters!

And you achieve that by sometimes making visual elements a bit wider or a little larger, or by omitting them altogether. A computer can never replace this work. Let me help you with that.

Janssen Imagineering
3D maps