How do you explain how something works – in just a few seconds? Show a technical product that does not yet exist? It makes talking a lot easier with simplified 3D animations.

Logo van Studio Lex - High impact visuals & 3D infographics, Breda
informatieve illustratie met daarop 2 schepen die een kabel op de zeebodem leggen
isometric production process infographic
Subsea ROV trenchformer illustration with blue background

Technical animations for LinkedIn,
trade fairs, and professional presentations.

Clean & clarifying

Trying to clarify what is so unique about your innovation, in just visuals you only need to look at for a few seconds... that is the challenge I take on myself.

3D animation is highly effective in your LinkedIn updates, trade fairs, and bring life in your other presentations, much more than lengthy paragraphs.

Reduce complexity

I believe the best animations are uncomplicated. You don't need a voice-over, funky music, or an entire film crew to convince your client of your concept.

Hold your viewer's attention. Simplify complex informationNord Stream pipeline project and convince your client in a short amount of time.

Just a simple 10-second loop showing a significant part of your technical product which needs to grab the attention, can do the job.

That is the power of animation.

Technical animations

In recent years, a great deal has changed in the way we take in information. You need to set the tone in a few seconds or you have lost the attention of the viewer.

I have successfully assisted many companies by clearly visualizing their products and/or animating their production process.

Contact me to see how I can help you.