3D maps

Clarifying maps create an easy-view of the situation. I design (3D) maps for public transportation or site plans.

Infographic kerncentrale Borssele
wayfinding project Amsterdam Parkeergarage Elandsgracht
Ingang hoofddorp Ziekenhuis informatieve illustratie en 3D kaart
Schematische weergave van ondergrondse gasopslag
Tamoil 3D kaart Edam busstation met N247
Leidseplein Amsterdam schouwburg landmark icon
wayfinding Amsterdam station Muiderpoort
Borssele windpark kaart van Zeeland
Mahler4 Amsterdamse Zuidas wayfinding project
Infographi van de Triple O Campus in Breda

Wayfinding in 3D

You are here. Exactly. Just about here is not enough in wayfinding graphics. It must be obvious. Do you need a perfect overview in perspective? I complete your wayfinding project with 3D graphics.

It is not just drawing some real estate in the right perspective. From which point of view does a visitor look? Which aspects stand out the most? What issues need to be ignored, and what needs to be emphasized? Those questions make it enjoyable for me.

3D maps are essential to give insight in the blink of an eye the way a metro station is organized, for example.

Real estate development

Construction drawings are perfect for professionals. Present them to a layman, and it's like letting him solve a Rubic's cube.

With my simplified 3D visuals, I close the gap between insiders and outsiders. I reduce complexity and ensure that your project can easily be explained to example, residents and policymakers.

Therefore... pitch-perfect!

Offshore windfarm park layout map by Studio Lex


How do you feel when visiting a new place? Or presenting a preliminary plan for area development? A lot better if you are well informed. I am happy to contribute to that.

The probability of getting lost will certainly be reduced.