Informative illustrations

Simplify > reducing complexity > clarify.
With high end product and industrial visualization, we make technical subjects accessible.

Offshore windfarm park under construction showing a few unfished wind mills
How it works isometric production process infographic
3D infographic showing all activities of Boskalis Subsea in the oil & Gas market
Isometric icon of an oil rig platform
Isometric process infographic met alle automatiserings oplossingen van CSi Packaging Industries in een helder overzicht
heldere infographic van een woonwijk met eenvoudige huizen met zonnepanelen
Infographic met 9 huisejes met zonnepanlen op het dak. Vereenvoudigde weergave van een woonwijk
Infographic on a subsea pipeline with a rock dumping vessel

Let's put it into perspective.

Visual challenges

Try to explain where to look for a part in a three-hectare factory. Or what challenges you encounter when you lay a mile-long subsea cable connection.

I made my profession of drawing on the proverbial back of a beermat. I create 3D infographics for your business: informative illustrationsThe World of CSi Packaging#3Dinfographics #informative illustrations and technical visualizations. I do this in a clean and authentic matter on technical topics that you need in order to explain it in a simple and clear presentation.  

Infographic met de complete reeks aan regenwateroplossingen

Challenge me

Topics are challenging when I, myself, have to do my best to understand them. I get excited when I can make hundreds of words and a handful of diagrams unneeded by using the right visuals. I get myself a stack of paper, and dive into it.

I do the homework to make that work avoidable for others. The energy that I put into designing informative illustrations or 3D animationsBOSKALIS Resin Free Hang-off comes back into the world in multiple ways.

I like that idea.

3D cross section of an offshore wind turbine by Boskalis Subsea

Visualize it!

Technology is everywhere, and it affects all of us. Many people have an opinion about the way technology is developing, many professions have something/a lot to do with technology, and/or are allowed to make decisions about it — even people without a technical background. Therefore the name: 3D infographics. 3D infographicsDYKA rainwater solutions#infographics #informative illustrations.

People remember 10% of what they hear and 80% of what they see