Great visuals for great ideas

It's all about content. Making a perfect picture is never a goal in itself. Presenting information in a clean and authentic matter and making sure that the message remains. That's what matters.

Images have the power to set things in motion. To communicate ideas, to convince people. To create a perception, break through resistance, to all look in the same direction.

Studio Lex stands for illustrations like that.

Technical animations in 3D
Man aan het tekenen in een creatieve studio, witte omgeving, bureau met tekningen en markers

I love spatial thinking and
presenting things in a clean and 'authentic' matter.

I am (Studio) Lex

As the son of a teachers’ family, I feel strongly about the process of reducing complexity and transferring knowledge. My father used to explain things while sketching on the back of a box of La Paz cigars. He did not do this because he wanted to show me how much he knew, but to see whether the message came across - that's what he was looking at in his teaching.

I’ve studied Spatial Design at The Academy of Fine Art and Design St. Joost Graphic. I have more than 25 years of professional experience, merely in the field of 3D design, photography, film, technical visualisations and 3D animations. I’ve made countless technical animations, some of which have more than 500K views.

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