Lex heeft voor Copal Handling Systems een aantal animaties gemaakt m.b.t. complexe technische systemen voor de logistieke markt. Lex is pro-actief, heeft vaak aan een half woord voldoende en kan een complexe situatie omzetten naar een begrijpelijke visuele weergave.
Christianne Kuenen Manager Marketing & Communications at Copal Handling Systems

Lex heeft naast meerdere animaties, drie infographics voor ons ontworpen. Een totale scope naar een eenvoudige illustratie vertalen is niet eenvoudig. Maar Lex heeft aan een half woord genoeg en maakt zich complexe techniek heel gemakkelijk eigen. Dit versnelt niet alleen het proces maar levert ook nog eens een mooi en realistisch eindresultaat op.
Annet Stuurman / Communications manager at VBMS

I wanted to sit down in my office, door closed to watch and absorb the movie over and over again and really feel what has been created. This is a truly excellent and superb piece of work. I am not surprised as I have seen the quality of your previous work…
Thomas Clarke / President at Western Plastics Inc – Canada

In 2009 had ik voor een pers-bijeenkomst op korte termijn een 3D animatie nodig. Hierbij wilde ik een groot bouwproject visualiseren. Lex slaagde erin om snel een duidelijke, kwalitatief mooie animatie te maken. Ik was daarnaast onder de indruk van zijn service: hij kwam persoonlijk naar de bijeenkomst en zette de animatie klaar. Zo waren beeld en geluid perfect.
Janine van Trierum / communicatieadviseur Oasen (drinkwaterbedrijf)

bert_gankemaI’ve worked with Lex on a few projects that were new for the both of us. It has been a nice and creative experience with good results. Lex is easy to work with, open in communication and driven to meet the objectives. He makes everything possible. Thanks again!
Bert Gankema / United Comfort Industries

Lex makes quality work which is creative and professional. He is unstopable, he stops only when it’s good enough. Besides this he is a very nice person. And I wish he would carry out his RSV-idea.
Willem-Joop Lagarde, Digital Design Director @ Reggs

Lex is one of the most hardworking and talented friends and colleagues I’m proud to have. He knows how to please both you as a client and himself without any diminishment of quality. 1 + 1 = 3 in his perception of physics.
Seger Van Wijk / 3D illustrator-animator @ Cliffhanger Visuals

I’ve worked with Lex on a few projects that were new for the both of us. It has been a nice and creative experience with good results. Lex is easy to work with, open in communication and driven to meet the objectives. He makes everything possible. Thanks again!
Arjo Rozendaal /  3D-Animatie-Ontwerp @ Rozendaal City

western_plasticsI have seen many advertising and marketing campaigns, story boards etc etc etc. I know I am biased but this is one of the best. Thank you and great job.
Thomas Clarke / CEO Western Plastics

Lex made a rather complicated concept visible by making the best animation ever made in this world. All my customers are very impressed by the clear way this animation explained our concept TEUN. As main part of our marketing program Lex’s animation helped us to set our name in our market. Great company to work with, smart people and extremely creative and helpful.
René van Glabbeek / Innovator and owner of Stretch Business BV & ErgoLog BV

vbms-logo-smLex made over the past several 3D animations for the companies I’ve worked for. We used these animations to advise our customers and to show the possibilities we can offer. I’ve seen many good animations in the past but the ones that have been made by Lex are really smashing!
Rick van Bruggen / VBMS

Just a quick note to let you know that my boss saw the video this afternoon and was equally blown away. He really likes it and is very impressed. Thanks for making me look so good.
Terrance J. Powell / Vice President, Investor Relations Caspian Services Inc.

I’ve worked with Lex for almost 6 years. He has an eye for detail and a good sense of humor, the ability to sketch out a situation or an object in a few simple and clear lines which makes it easy to communicate about ideas. Thanks through his excellent written and verbal communication skills he can make complex matters understandable. I know him as a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person, and a great team player with a strong desire to make things perfect.
Frank Brouwers, interior designer, Frank Ontwerpen

shutterstock_322577234_vierkantWe’ve just seen the pictures that are being used for the opening pages. They are fantastic – Dominic and I have just spent half an hour gazing in wonder and admiration – they are a work of art, they are surreal, they are sublime!! Thank you very much for all the imaginative and creative work that’s gone into them.
Dominic & Annie

reny-bergsmaLex has realised some hiqh quality 3D animations for several projects to full satisfaction. His creative input together with technical vision make it possible to realise an outstanding animations of any product. Very pleasant to work with..!
Reny Bergsma / PR at Landustrie Sneek BV

Gespecialiseerd in 3d animaties, 3d visualisaties en illustraties